katiiii (kati_mcill) wrote,

i'm putting off sleep before PSAT's. uggg.

coley's home! i loooove when she comes back.
i looooveee my big sister more than anything.
hopefully visiting amherst soon =)

i baked cookies today for
[i would have made some for marshall but he is PICKY. haha.]
so far, everyone told me they were awesomeee!
haha, i love my friends.

here's to another weekend of insanity...
tomorrow = PSATs & passing out til lateee
and then hanging out with ashley, marshall & jared *smile*

oh and i got my progress report!!!
TV2: A
Spanish: A
English: B
History: B (what the FUCK, i didn't do that paper and i pulled off a B? go team!)
Bio: B
Honors Advanced TV Production: A+
College Review Math: C

so basically, i kicked some major academic ass.
looks like i might be going to college afterall =)

ok, i'm seriously going to bed now, PSATs are in 7 hours. sklgnsdklgmndfg.
and, i'm buying a car (FINALLY) this weekend: '03 Lancer. pumpeddd.

night kids, be goooood
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